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Are You Ready For 2018?

As we close the books on 2017 in just a few short weeks, the turnover of the calendar is going to bring about some exciting and new changes for Tension Design. For those of you who have missed our Technocracy blog, it’s definitely returning in 2018. We’ll bring you more insights on not only design, but anything we believe is critical, useful or even downright amusing about how you see the Internet.

There's also more in store for the new year. We’re going to be doing a complete overhaul of the Tension Design site. Be prepared for a whole new web experience, as we recreate what’s already regarded as a feast for the eyes. We’re not quite ready to fill you in on the “secret sauce” that’s going into it, but it’s going to be amazing.

The company will also be more active in the realm of social media. Now’s the time to head over to our Facebook and Twitter profiles to give us a follow. If you’re interesting, we may even give you a follow back!

Tension Design is ready for big year in 2018…are you?

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