We're The Cat's Meow

We're The Cat's Meow

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“Tension Design has worked on various projects for me in the past and I have been absolutely thrilled. When I asked them about doing a non-profit website for free they didn't hesitate at all and jumped right in. We really didn't have much of a logo or an idea of what we wanted. In about a week, Eric and the guys from Tension Design built us the most beautiful website we could have ever imagined. They really went to bat for us and we appreciate all of their help to help the animals in our community. Thank you so much Tension!”

Sheila Jewell - We're The Cat's Meow

Non-Profit Animal Rescue Website Design
Volunteer Animal Web Development

Non-Profit Animal Rescue Website Design

We’re the Cat’s Meow is an organization of volunteers who come together to try and improve the lives of unwanted dogs and cats through the use of love and humane treatment. Local animal shelters receive on average, 150 animals a day because they are no longer wanted by their owners for one reason or another. Because of this, many of these healthy and very lovable animals are killed. They strive to keep animals from being subjected to the pain of living in that environment and ultimately being killed. Their cats are combo tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV. All animals are spayed or neutered, and have received age appropriate vaccinations.

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