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Elevated Technical Design

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“The creativity this team brings far exceeded my expectations. From the first draft of the website to the last draft these guys work with websites like Picaso works with watercolors. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the content and the layout of my web page. I find myself comparing my website to my competitors and the design Eric did far exceeds anything in my field. I am extremely happy with the finished product.”

Tom Brooks - President, Elevated Technical Design

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At Elevated Technical Design they have never been afraid to think outside of the box. Even though Fire Protection Systems are a code driven requirement to occupy a building, most Fire Protection Systems designs are often overlooked during the building permit process. Elevated Technical Design finds unique approaches to satisfy the code requirements and meet the needs of our clients. Not simply to be different, but to find innovative solutions for the best possible results to protect life, property and valuable client information. Many projects are viewed as a "one size fits all approach, Elevated Technical Design examines each fire protection design individually to find new innovative ways to meet current code requirements and find the best solution to service their customer's needs.

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We want our clients to stand out from the crowd, not just fit in. Our door is always open to new projects and collaborations. We’d love to hear from you!
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