Madeline Frank

Madeline Frank

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“Eric and Tension Design have put together a cutting edge web site for me that is appealing to the eye like a fine work of art. Eric walked me through the process offering suggestions and ideas to develop a web site that is exactly what I needed. Their customer service is world class.”

Madeline Frank - Owner

Best Selling Author Website
Motivational Speaker Web Development

Best Selling Author - Motivational Speaker Website Design

Many companies and organizations have discovered the magic of “Tuning up their Business” with Madeline Frank’s award winning programs. Businesses and organizations, just like musical instruments, need slight adjustments to perform at their best. Madeline will give your audience the tools necessary to "tune up their business" with her engaging, entertaining, and memorable messages.

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We want our clients to stand out from the crowd, not just fit in. Our door is always open to new projects and collaborations. We’d love to hear from you!
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