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Science Care

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“We couldn't be happier with Eric, Travis and the rest of the team at Tension Design. Our expectations regarding the development of our new website were high and what they delivered exceeded our expectations. It’s rare when you can execute this large of a project and experience no real issues. In a world full of run-of-the-mill web developers and designers, it’s good to know we have these guys in our back-yard!”

Melinda Ellsworth - V.P. of Donor Services, Science Care

Whole body donation website design
Donate your body to science website

Whole Body Donation Company Website Design

Science Care, is the world’s largest accredited whole body donation program. They work with some of the world’s most prestigious and well-respected medical schools, research hospitals and medical device companies to help support the training of physicians and surgeons and to assist with the development of new medical products, procedures and treatments. Those who have given the gift of body donation through Science Care have contributed to the advancement of treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ALS, arthritis and degenerative joint disease, spinal injuries, hip replacement surgery, infectious diseases, heart disease and much more. Without the assistance of human body donation after death, we would not have the medical advancements that we see today.

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The Task

Science Care came to Tension Design with a long list of functionality needs. These features included a brand facelift, a better user experience and a clear message on what Science Care actually does. They also wanted a robust platform for future updates and additions. The website needed to be split into a multi-site. One for their normal visitors and the other for Medical Researchers, all housed behind one simple and intuitive secure administration area.

Custom Wordpress Development
Medical Researcher Website Design
Custom Wordpress Multi-Site Development
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The Results

Science Care was extremely happy with the overall end product Tension Design delivered. We choose Wordpress as their base framework and customized it around a central theme for all of their pages. The multi-site functionality was built into a single administration. There were several options built in such as: drag and drop page builder, custom post types, video, slideshows, carousels and custom typography. Organic search data was extracted from their old website and improved on for their new site launch. Search engine optimization with good relevant and updated content has now made them the leader in their field.

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