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Spark Industries

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“Spark Industries worked with Tension Design on all facets of our website and overall brand. The team at Tension developed a well-thought out digital solution and website that has helped us increase sales by 17% over last year. Amazing! If you need to increase sales, convert your website users into paying customer and create a long-term content marketing program, you need to hire Tension Design. They understand UX web design principals and creating a content development strategy that is second to none.”

Tom - Owner, Spark Industries

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For almost four decades, Spark Industries has provided high-quality, reliable HVAC transformers and products to the leading industry OEMs. Rather than building a mammoth catalog of products, they have focused on doing one thing — and doing it better than anyone else. They maintain dual factories in China and Arizona with top-of-the-line equipment and full testing procedures. Their team of expert engineers can provide full design or implement any type of drawings, from the most basic to the most complex.

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