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“You have done an awesome job with the site! It is very easy to navigate, the clarity of the reworked text is impressive. Frankly, I am kind of stunned by your work! You have made a large contribution to what I do. Thank you seems too plain and small, but it is said to you with much gratitude and an awareness that I am very fortunate. Working with Tension Design changed my business from a small local operation to a national presence. The professionalism, creativity, marketing strategies, and technological expertise behind their designs have produced a website that produces ever increasing customers and clients on a weekly basis. Tension Design brought my business into the 21st century and beyond!”

Jean Fowler - Owner, Talents For Christ

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Talents For Christ exists to support and encourage individuals in the performing arts and entertainment industry. They provide an environment that assists artists to identify, grow and demonstrate their talents through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and reach out to artists who are seeking to know Him. To influence the entertainment industry by being a reflective light for Christ in thought, word and example through each produced unit (interview, audition, job) - one at a time.

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We want our clients to stand out from the crowd, not just fit in. Our door is always open to new projects and collaborations. We’d love to hear from you!
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