Website Delivery


Custom tailored video training

After the completion of your project, we build a series of concise video tutorials. We have found this type of video training to be the most effective and efficient. The systems video training we provide is custom-tailored to your website and will teach you how to update content, images, video, blog posts, projects, galleries, etc.


On-going support and maintenance

Most companies have the best intentions to keep their website up-to-date; however, some fall short by getting wrapped into working in the business instead of working on the business. Tension Design offers three programs that could substantially reduce costs. See what we offer.


Generating content for search results

Google does not reward you for using popular keywords. Google is more interested in seeing that users read, share, and engage with your content. Marketing content is not a one and done. Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. Algorithms, metrics, buyer personas are all suitcase words, they pack a lot in and don't let anything out.

Old school SEO

  • Get a keyword list
  • Prioritize by volume
  • Develop content ideas

Grow and convert SEO

  • Know customer pain points
  • Develop content solutions
  • Find keywords