Website Discovery


User experience design

From the moment a customer lands on your page, you're creating an experience they will use to form opinions about your company. These opinions will determine whether that experience is a good one or bad. We will address any current website issues and pain points that may arise.


Audience and user research

It's about the right audience. Not the biggest audience. Determining who your users are is essential for success. Let's not pretend to be all things to all people, but concentrate on converting the right audience into the right customer. We take practical insights into your target market and research the behaviors of those users.


Website functionality

A high-performing website is a successful website. We strive to make the user experience a great experience by defining an intelligent architecture and structure to the sitemap. Using Webflow as our framework, we never have to worry about strange server behaviors, updating core technologies or languages. Website speed is a priority because who has time to wait?


Content strategy

"Look and Feel" creates appeal, not loyalty. Power users don't decide based on aesthetics alone. Your content needs to be compelling and exciting. Stay away from industry jargon and be conversational. Your users will appreciate it, and Google will reward you for it.


Competitor analysis

What makes someone else in your field gain more traffic? We take a deep dive into your competitors to see what they are doing. Competitor analysis could include tone, technologies, search engine patterns, content, and ads. We will break this down into easy digestible information.