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"We're going to leave the world wide web better than we found it."- Daenerys Targaryen

Much like Westeros, the web is a cutthroat world. Your house (your website) must exude power and confidence, or you'll be left in the dust. Together, we can build a digital experience that meets your business goals, satisfies your audience, and follows search engine best practices.

In less than 1 second, most visitors will form an opinion about your website that will influence their decision to stay or leave.
- Behaviour & Information Technology

Why might my company need a website redesign?

.01 You’re not ranking on Google as high as you’d like, which can cost you business.

.02 Your team has little control over your current site; making edits is too difficult.

.03 Your website doesn't convince visitors that your company is the right choice.

.04 Your current website is more than 4 years old, and the design is outdated.

How Tension Design approaches website redesigns

A cluttered or clunky website will encourage users to visit one of your competitors' sites. This is why we pay special attention to the user experience (UX) throughout our web design process:

  • Your potential customers need to quickly find answers to their most common questions.
  • Website visitors should immediately form a positive opinion of you, based on design.
  • Users should not be left confused by a website that is difficult to navigate.

Something else that sets apart Tension Design is the platform we use to build websites, including our own site: Webflow. Previously, we built sites in WordPress for 15 years, but we've moved on because the web has changed and your needs have evolved. Leveraging Webflow means:

  • You can reduce your website maintenance costs with us by about 70% per year.
  • Your team can make day-to-day website edits yourself, without having to know code.
  • A merciful end to WordPress plugin conflicts.

.01 Discovery

Once you become a Tension Design client, we’ll spend time with you to learn all about your business, goals, and customers. We’ll assess your current site and agree on capabilities of your new website.

.02 Content

We’ll agree on your new website’s hierarchy, sections, and important SEO keyword phrases. We'll then assign text and elements to specific pages. Good content is the foundation for user-friendly design.

.03 Design

Now you'll get to see design concepts and mockups — we'll share some pages with you that will be fully functional, in a web browser. Once you approve design, we proceed with custom coding and CMS setup.

.04 Launch

Almost party time! We perform thorough testing (forms, SEO, etc.) so that your Launch Day goes swimmingly. After your site is live, we'll provide training so your team can manage future day-to-day website updates.

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