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Award Winning Website DesignVoted best web design firm in Phoenix Arizona for 2013-2015


ased in Phoenix Arizona, Tension Design is a small group of dedicated designers, developers, and strategic ninjas. We believe design has purpose and web design should be problem solving. We didn’t invent the web, we are only trying to make it better. Remember, personality is quite enjoyable and we create a pretty nifty user experience. Give us six hours to chop down a tree, we will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe!

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Rossi Auto Body

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Insectek Pest Solutions

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American Fire

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“My Website Is Fine The Way It Is”This will not catch the attention of your intended audience


he most important aspect of any website is usability. We develop websites to fulfill a purpose. Design is an important element that should solve a problem and not hinder a website’s performance. The best way to tell if you are need of a website redesign is to compare your site to others in the same industry. Compare all aspects such as the layout, elements and color palette. If your current website is merely acceptable and your competitor’s is awesome, then chances are you will not get the traffic you desire. Creating a quality website is a lot like building your own home. Don’t rush into it and cut corners if you want it to stand on its own. The difference is in the details. These details can make anything go from simply ordinary to stunning that your users will appreciate.

“Tension Design will commit to building an inviting and smooth user experience making your new site truly unique in this over-crowded competitive market.”

Make Meaning ... Not MarketingWe build user experiences with uncompromising quality


ake meaning not marketing all comes down to a few factors. The first being user experience. There is more to online success than having a functional website in place, and now even more than the highest Google ranking. Technology has evolved drastically and with that people’s expectations have grown. There are a few elements we pride ourselves on, and pass right along to our wonderful clients.



Asking the right questions about your target market and target audience is the best way to start defining a strategy and get the conversation started.



Design, navigation, readability of content and structure needs to be clean and clear. Keeping the site consistent and trustworthy will match any user expectation.



Keeping the site personal will show there are real people behind it. Content, interaction and story telling will make any website more credible and attractive.



Intriguing design, high quality content, good imagery and of course humor will appeal to the masses. Remember you have just 4 seconds to make a lasting impression.

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