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Trusted as one of Phoenix Arizona's best web design companies

Like a finely tuned drum, we navigate the tension between your business needs and the needs of your users. We build our websites with Webflow, allowing you to control your site simply with scale.

Why partner with Tension Design?

We build websites with a high amount of value and function with a low amount of effort to understand and maintain. Offering a different kind of relationship, built on trust and mutual understanding, we provide transparency and a common language everybody can understand.

There are plenty of people who WANT to do something, WANT to try something, and are READY for a change. These are our partners.

“It is very refreshing to see a company that puts as much effort into customer service and attention to detail as the group over at Tension Design”
Eddie Pina, General Manager
TLC Label Company

What makes us different than other Arizona web design companies?

Built in weeks

Built in weeks.

Not months.
Developed for your business icon

Developed for business.

Not for trends.
Designed by humans icon

Designed by humans.

For humans.
Delivered in sprints icon

Delivered in sprints.

Not marathons.
Tension Design focuses on lean, sprint-based work that allows a small team to design and develop a web project in a shorter amount of time.

We build with Webflow. Not Wordpress.

WordPress tools and plugins look great, but unless you're a crack team of developers with a bunch of financing to blow and time to spare, it's really difficult to maintain them without scale. They're not truthful to the process and driven by "vanity" metrics.

We chose Webflow to be our primary framework because of security, optimization, speed, and ease-of-use for editing and maintaining.

"We gave them a nearly impossible deadline to meet and they not only met it, they beat it”
Tricia Hammett, CEO
Science Care