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“Web design isn’t dead. Generic solutions are. Our solutions are better and smarter by creating a user experience that brings brands to life.”

Our Approach

Tension Design develops digital marketing experiences individually tailored to your specific market and value proposition. We elevate your brand by crafting your story with transparency and value to your customers. Informed by years of experience, our design and strategy approach puts a premium on uncluttered simplicity, elegance, and function. It all begins with passion and creativity, supported by hard-nosed research. Big ideas that help you convert to real sales, not just downloads or views. Your brand is worth more than a template or generic content. Simplifying the digital experience makes for a great user experience.

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Web Design Strategy


Measurement + Behavior + SEO

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Designing a website is like creating a user journey. You need solid planning, a touch of storytelling and a taste of inspiration. People simply no longer want a product or service, they are after a particular result or solution.
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Who We Are

Tension Design is a boutique digital marketing agency. We began simply by designing websites, but today we do so much more. Founded in 1995, we’ve been around for roughly two centuries in Internet years. That means we know when a trendy concept is hindering a brand, instead of helping it. We bring innovative thinking, methodology, technology and new ideas to push your business forward. We do this by focusing on custom tailored, elegantly crafted digital marketing solutions built with your customers in mind.

Our Process

Tension Design is not a fast-food drive thru. We listen, we discuss and we advise. Our process is simple. We don’t just take your order and serve you up a website or new strategy or a piece of content; we take the time to get to know you and understand your needs, business model, and buyer persona. We believe in a partnership that works with ideas fueled by creativity and proven by technology. Our purpose is to close the communication gap between buyers and sellers through a better user experience.

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DYME Group

DYME Group

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Midwest Partitions

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