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Despite the rocket in our logo, we're down-to-earth web designers and digital strategists.

Phoenix, ArizonaHelping small and medium-sized businesses launch beautiful websites.

True or false: At least one Tension team member has been online, every hour, since 1995. False (but almost true). The Internet consumed us back then, and we're still fascinated today by how it's evolving. Our mission is to create seamless, beautiful online websites.

Tension Design is an elite web design, web development, and online marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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We started in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes), and now we're in Arizona (land of 4 lakes). We miss the water, but our real values are hard work, honesty, and humor.


Being a good partner is all about listening, and we'll take the time to really learn about your business. If at any point we’re talking more than you — slap us. Hard.


We constantly navigate the “tension” between the needs of your business and the needs of your users. We strive to deliver websites and strategies that satisfy both.


Consistent processes yield consistent results. Each time Tension builds a website, we follow a 12,000-point checklist. Just kidding— it's about 60 steps.

“I loved working with Tension Design to build our company website. Eric and Drew and the rest of the team are highly knowledgeable and great to work with. They took the time to understand our business and helped us clarify our messaging...”
Jennifer Zach
Eric Asleson

Eric Asleson

VP Creative
Drew Eastmead

Drew Eastmead

VP Web Strategy
Travis Wachendorf

Travis Wachendorf

VP Web Development
A. Brad Hazelton

A. Brad Hazelton

Director, Brand Strategy

Over the years, we’ve had opportunities to build websites for nonprofits. We’re passionate about helping those who are doing good in their communities. Also, we really love dogs. And cats. Adopt — don’t shop!

Walk to end Alzheimer's
Loved Pet Sanctuary
We're the Cats Meow
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