Why we chose Webflow over Wordpress

Flipping off the switch to Wordpress

We often get asked the question about why we chose to flip the script on our site and change to using Webflow over Wordpress. The response is both easy and slightly complicated. The quick and dirty reply is pretty basic. It all boils down to the simplicity of use all around, but there's a lot more to the story as well.

For the end user, the most important part is security. If you've ever had a malicious attack on your site, then you know how important that is. Every Webflow site offers free SSL protection, which is backed by constant monitoring for threats. Wordpress also offers SSL, but there are so many vulnerabilities in the platform that you can never be 100 percent sure that you're protected.

Ranking high on Google the easy way

Another quality baked right into Webflow is the search engine optimization settings that make it easier to configure to make sure that your site has the absolute highest Google search score. Wordpress can do the same thing, but you're going to need to learn how to configure it to do what you need. We prefer the plug and play method to keep your site on top of search results.

Webflow is also a lot more user friendly when it comes to the overall content management system (CMS). Once we hand over your site, the platform is fairly easy to navigate if you want to make changes on your own. That's a bonus to the client, as it can cut down any maintenance fees once the site is in your hands. You can do that in Wordpress, but it doesn't allow for on-page editing and learning a platform to maintain a website isn't exactly a great use of company time. It's inefficient at best.

Perfectly clean code

The code Webflow produces is also seamless and in one word, clean. That leads to less risk that something will get corrupted on the server end once the site is live. Wordpress has become a bloated platform with all kind of plug-ins necessary to make things work. That's not the case with Webflow. Everything is built right into the platform.  

As a client, you might be asking yourself if you can use your own hosting instead of having your site on the Webflow servers. The simple answer is absolutely, yes.  Everything is able to be exported for use with your own hosting.  We don't recommend this approach, as Webflow's servers are some of the most secure in the world.

Simplicity is key

The answer as to why we use Webflow can be summed up with simplicity. It's easy to navigate, secure, easily optimized and just clean design work. We're so confident in it that we will stake our reputation as a design firm on it. There's no way around it, Webflow is here and it's taking over the Internet. We've used it since 2018 and you should too.

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