Kear Civil Corporation

Aviation fuel system contractor, and water & wastewater facility specialist.

Phoenix, AZ
Civil engineering
Kear Civil Corporation
Fuel & Water Infrastructure Industrial General Contractor


KEAR Civil Corporation has been a long-time client of Tension Design. Since 2001, KEAR has specialized in petroleum and water infrastructure projects, bringing on complex and challenging aviation fueling systems. KEAR Corporation's culture reflects outstanding leadership, commitment to safety, and positive change to the communities in which they operate.

Project brief

KEAR Corporation wanted to update their existing website to a more streamlined version focusing on aviation fueling and water and wastewater projects. The project goal was to keep things simple for the user and showcase select projects for Aviation Fueling and Water & Wastewater construction. KEAR Corporation wanted to highlight their culture through leadership, safety, and the community and keep an open door for partner programs for subcontractors and vendors.

What we did

We started the project by developing a new sitemap and user flows through wireframe designs. After we defined the direction of the project, we turned these wireframes into high-functioning designs. The new website focused on KEAR Corps.' unique culture, commitment to an accident-free workplace, and a showcase of projects ranging from water & wastewater treatment to International Airport fueling systems. Using Webflow for our CMS (content management system), KEAR's staff can update and maintain the website efficiently in live time.

What they said

"The website is fully functional and is meeting the goal of generating revenue via client searches. Tension Design consistently performs well and excels in responsiveness. The team is quick to complete updates or tasks."

Mike Fossett
Mike Fossett
Kear Civil Corporation
Google 5 Star Rating

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